Teeth Whitening in Canton

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Brighten your teeth and improve your smile

A simple way to improve your smile is to get your teeth whitened. Dr. Goch provides professional teeth whitening with the Phillips Zoom®. It is a fast, safe and effective system.

Why do teeth darken?

Teeth Whitening - Canton DentalAs we get older, the outer layer of enamel on our teeth wears down and the darker color beneath begins to show. Staining from coffee, tea, soda, tobacco products, certain foods and even medications are common causes of darkened teeth.

Why choose a professional whitening system?

Over-the-counter systems only handle stains on the surface of the teeth, whereas professional whitening systems can remove stains that are found in cracks in the enamel, giving you a much better result.

Dr. Goch knows the condition of your teeth and will recommend a whitening system to give the best results in a time frame that works for you.

Zoom!® In-house whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening Video

The Zoom system is a light-activated whitening product. A blue-green spectrum light is utilized to catalyze the bleaching reaction of special whitening gel applied on the surfaces of the teeth. The incorporation of light activates the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, and also allows further penetration into tooth structure, resulting in greater bleaching ability.

Professional take-home teeth whitening systems

Teeth Whitening - Canton DentalFor your convenience, Dr. Goch also offers take-home whitening systems. These are professional strength systems that you can only buy at a dental office. You will receive custom made whitening trays and instructions so that you can do the whitening in your own home and at your convenience.

Dr. Goch offers the Discus Dental® Day White system, amongst others.

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