Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Canton

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Dr. Goch can restore your mouth to full health and functionality using a variety of procedures.

Restore your teeth and gums to full health and beauty

Restoring your smile to a healthier, brighter condition can rejuvenate your overall facial structure and improve the quality of your life. If your smile has deteriorated over the years, due to gum disease and tooth decay, Dr. Goch can return your gums and teeth to a healthy condition so your smile looks more beautiful and functions as it should.

Full-mouth reconstruction can include a multitude of procedures, often used in combination to produce the most effective results. Dr. Goch may choose to use a variety of treatments from fillings, crowns, bridges, and even implants, dentures and orthodontics. Whatever the condition of your dental health, Dr. Goch offers comprehensive treatment plans to meet your smile goals.

Precise diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan

Full-Mouth Reconstruction in CantonDr. Goch takes high quality panoramic X-rays when planning your treatment, and in some cases will have a CT scan done for even greater detail.

He then does a very thorough exam to see exactly what is needed to return your mouth to a healthy state.

Once this is done he ensures that you are educated completely regarding the problems in your mouth as well as corrective procedures. He talks to you about what needs to be done but doesn’t push you into doing anything you cannot afford or that you don’t want.

After the consultation is done, Dr. Goch will put together a treatment plan to restore your mouth back to health.

What procedures are involved in a full-mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction can involve one or more of the following:

If you are interested in bringing your teeth and gums back to full health then call us to make an appointment for an exam and consultation. Our friendly team will help you.

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