Dental Implants in Canton

Dental Implants in Canton

The modern solution for missing teeth

What is a dental implant?

Dental Implant Services

Dental implants use titanium posts to replace missing tooth roots.

A dental implant is a replacement tooth using a titanium post for the root and a porcelain crown attached to the post via a connecting piece called an abutment. Dental implants are used to replace single missing teeth, as well as multiple or all missing teeth.

Dr. Goch will oversee your entire implant treatment so the implants look and feel just like your natural teeth. He has been working closely with a competent implant specialist near his office for 12 years. Dr. Goch guides the process from beginning to successful completion.

Making the right decision about dental implants is important. Make an appointment to see Dr. Goch to find out if you are a candidate for dental implants.

Advantages of implant dentistry

Dental Implants in Canton

Dr. Goch will explain how a dental implant works and answer all your questions about them.

Dental implants are generally stronger and more durable than bridges and dentures. Implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. They perform and feel exactly like natural teeth and can even be used together with other dental procedures for greater effectiveness.

For example, while dental implants can be used to replace single missing teeth, they can also be used to support a dental bridge or a set of dentures. Although there are a number of options for the treatment of missing teeth, dental implants are often considered to be the most functional.

Implant services

Dr. Goch provides the following:

  • Single-tooth dental implants
  • Dental Implant Services

    Implant-supported bridges provide a great option for tooth replacement.

    Implant-supported bridges for multiple missing teeth. When there are several adjacent missing teeth, it is possible to place one or more implants that then support a bridge over the rest of the missing teeth.

  • Implant-supported dentures for all teeth missing. Several implants are placed in strategic positions in the mouth and dentures are fitted onto the implants. These can be removable or fixed in place.
  • Denture-stabilization. Your existing dentures are retrofitted to work with dental implants. With as few as two dental implants, Dr. Goch can stabilize a denture so it doesn’t slip.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants look and feel like natural teeth

It is hard to tell the difference between a real tooth and an implant with a porcelain crown. You can eat the same foods you can with real teeth and you take care of them just as you would your natural teeth.

Dental Implants are permanent

This is a great advantage over some other tooth replacement options which need to be removed for cleaning.

Dental Implants stabilize other teeth

When you have a missing tooth or teeth, the natural teeth next to the missing ones will eventually start to move toward the empty gap. You could end up with bite and chewing problems. Filling in the gap with implants keeps surrounding teeth and structure stable.

Dental Implants help fight gum disease

When missing teeth are not replaced, the gap remaining can become a magnet for bacteria, where it gets trapped, causing infection and gum disease. Dental implants fill in the empty space, making it much harder for gum disease to take hold.

Dental Implants can make your dentures stable

Dentures can be made very stable when they are attached to dental implants. They no longer slip or rub, and you don’t have to use gooey adhesives in an attempt to keep them from moving.

Implant procedure

Dental Implant Services

Dr. Goch will help you choose the color and shade of your custom tooth restoration.

Dr. Goch will conduct a thorough exam, including digital X-rays, to determine if dental implants are right for you. Once it has been determined that you will be getting a dental implant, Dr. Goch will work closely with his implant specialist in planning out the procedure.

Once the implant has been placed and has fully healed Dr. Goch will place a permanent, high-quality restoration on top, such as a crown or bridge.

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