One-Visit Root Canal Therapy in Canton

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Gentle root canals in one visit

After thorough diagnosis with digital X-rays, Dr. Goch will determine if root canal therapy is needed to salvage your tooth. He then will make sure you understand the process so that you know what is happening during the procedure.

He then ensures that the treatment is made as comfortable as possible. The area is fully anesthetized so you don’t feel any pain.

His expertise and use of a special rotary instrument makes this a faster procedure than with older manual methods. In 90% of cases the root canal can be performed in one visit.

Thanks to Dr. Goch’s years of experience with root canals, very few patients experience any post-operative discomfort. His care even extends beyond the chair as he calls his patients afterwards to find out if you are experiencing any problems with the tooth.

What is root canal therapy?

Root Canal Therapy - Canton DentalA root canal is a pulp-filled cavity in the root of a tooth. When a cavity gets too deep, bacteria can enter this cavity and infect the root interior. As a simple filling is no longer an option, a root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth.

The infected pulp is removed and the canal is cleaned and sealed by filling it with a rubber-like material. It is often necessary to place a crown over the tooth to protect it after the root canal procedure.

Saving the tooth with root canal therapy has the advantage of maintaining efficient chewing and normal biting function and helps to maintain the position of the adjacent teeth.

Signs of needing Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy - Canton DentalA root canal is needed when the pulp inside the tooth is infected or there is nerve damage. Nerve damage can occur when there is a trauma to the tooth due to infection or an accident of some sort.

An infection usually results in pain and possibly an abscess. Sometimes you won’t notice any pain but mild to severe persistent pain is a definite symptom.

Here are some other signs of an infection that may require root canal therapy:

  • Tenderness at the bottom of the root
  • Pain in response to heat and or cold that lasts several minutes
  • Pain when chewing or placing pressure on the tooth
  • Spontaneous pain from no apparent trigger
  • The tooth can also become discolored
  • Swelling around the gum line
  • A pimple on the gum near the tooth

If you have any pain or discomfort in your mouth you should come in as soon as possible so that Dr. Goch can take a look at what is causing it. Prompt action can sometimes prevent the need for a root canal.

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Full-Mouth Reconstruction - Canton DentalIf you are in a great deal of pain, the office staff will get you seen as fast as possible, usually the same day.

If you have any of the above symptoms or have experienced a trauma to the tooth, Dr. Goch will make a thorough diagnosis. This will include digital X-rays in order to determine the condition of the tooth and to see if a root canal treatment is necessary or advisable.

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